The difficulty that is detailing in Cosplay

This is a classic example of something I agonize over with my costumes constantly. Tiny details and the lack thereof make or break a costume.

Being the costume guru of our group, this afternoon a friend of mine sent me this picture with the comment “zippers haaaaallp!” This is for a vest that she’s making herself to wear to her birthday outing, tonight of course, at a Detroit goth club. She is having trouble making a decision about the color.

My text back was, “first choice brown, second choice purple.” Costume decisions can never be made as easy as that, next she sends me these-

Mind you, this isn’t at the store, she’s already bought all three zippers because she couldn’t make the decision on the spot! In ensuing texts the purple zipper was discarded for the two with the actual metal colored zipper, which we both agreed was preferable.


Arguments for the first zipper include-she’s going to wear black leggings with the vest, and she likes the silver color better.


Arguments for the second zipper include-her birthday present from me is a brown leather belt with brass rivets and hardware (she hasn’t seen it yet), which I think she needs to wear tonight. Also, I like the brass color better.

After a quick phone consult with her mother (a seamstress), my friend ultimately decided on the black zipper, because 1)She likes the black better, 2)She won’t always be wearing the belt with the vest, and 3)She feels comfortable mixing black and brown, and silver and brass.

Ultimately the color of the zipper does not matter, like at all. The club we’re going to is dark, even darker (literally and figuratively, haha!) than most clubs because it’s a goth club. Even if it was broad daylight, the only people who would notice the color of the zipper is me and her.


The one thing that we both know though, is that it is this level of attention to detail that makes for great costumes even if no one actually notices every detail the overall picture is affected, and the color of a zipper totally merits 3 purchased color choices, 2 outside consults, and an afternoon of indecision!

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