Bike Riding and Garage Saleing


So I finally got my bike out for the year. I was really patting myself on the back for buying an inner tube patch kit at the store earlier this week, because of course I had some leaks! I was kicking myself for not checking the kit before I started fighting with the tires using spoons to get them off the rims- the kit came with two tire levers!

After a short ride yesterday I decided to go garage saleing this morning, just kind of following the signs around the neighborhood. I live in a tiny town just outside of Ann Arbor, MI, so I only found three sales. The second one was a jackpot though, it was at a horse farm selling used tack and such! They had three boxes of exactly what I had hoped they would have- old reins, straps, girths ext. for $1 each! Needless to say I cleaned them out of their leather!


A few years ago I helped my mum at a horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park, and after spending some time in the harness shop the shopkeepers let me rummage through their garbage and collect scraps. I’ve been using that leather very sparingly in some of my recent leatherwork, knowing the end of harness leather was close at hand! So this garbage bag full was an awesome find!


At the same sale they had this deer pelt. The woman’s husband shot the doe during bow season last year. They paid to have the deer processed and the hide cured, and kept the hide thrown over the back of the couch. They decided to sell it because their 12 year old daughter- who helped eat the deer!-thought the hide was gross and sad and all the things little girls who love animals but still love burgers think. I laughed when she told me the story, and told her that I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 10yrs, and was thrilled to be acquiring the hide and that the deer would have the exciting new job of lining armor and being part of awesome costumes.

She was nice and gave me a deal as people at garage sales are apt to do, and I rode safely home with my treasures…. in the 90 degree heat. It was brutal.

Otherwise, since I’ve finally attached a basket to the back of my bike I’m 85% sure the bike shop guys put my basket rack on backwards!

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